David Thorner

Foto: Rolf Mäder

Born: 1961
Raised in Rome, in Switzerland since 1985
Nationality: Swiss
Languages: Italian, German, French, English fluently

Education and Activities
1976 Private piano with Mauro Cova, a student of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.
1978 Began to study Composition with Alvin Curran (a.o. "Musica Elettronica Viva") Many years member of Mr. Curran's A-Cappella Vocal Improvisation Group with many concerts and events.

Painting with exhibits in Switzerland (see www.davidthorner.com)

In 1980 he began private voice lessons with Michiko Hirayama (Singer with Giacinto Scelsi and one of the most famous singers of modern music in Italy and Internationally.)

Studied Psychology at the Università La Sapienza in Rome

Studied at "Scuola Popolare di Musica Testaccio" with italian composer and singer,
Giovanna Marini and was soloist in many tours through Italy and France (a.o. Théâtre Bouffes du Nord, Paris; Festival d'Avignon; Conservatorio G.Verdi, Milano). In 1985 he was soloist in Ms.Marini's vocal quartet as the fifth voice in a song cycle with texts from Pasolini (a.o.Festival d'Automne, Paris)
1984 Tour through all of Italy as actor in Martin Scherman's "Bent" with Luca Zingarelli("Commisario Montalbano")

1985-1990 Vocal Studies with Prof. Jane Mengedoht, HMT Zurich and Swiss Opera Studio Biel /Bern.
Diploma Specialized MA Soloist with mention 6 "Cum lade" (Auszeichnung)
Continued studies with Prof. Hanno Blaschke, Munich; Jordi Alvareda, Barcelona; Sherill Milnes, NYC and Bonn, Germany.

Engagements in Opera (a.o. "Dreieinigkeitsmoses" in "Mahagonny", "Onegin" in "Eugen Onegin", "Germont" in "La Traviata", "Bottom" in "Midsummer Night's Dream", "Musiklehrer" in "Ariadne auf Naos", "Leporello" in "Don Giovanni")

Many engagements as voice teacher, coach and in concerts and installations.

Vocal coach for Jane Thorner.

Workshops with Keith Johnstone, the founder of Theater Sport

Workshops with Madame Burga Schwarzbach in Lucerne and Vienna

Since 1997 "Voice Dialogue" teacher with Workshops and Intense classes with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone in California and Switzerland. Also workshops with Dr. Martha-Lou Wolff in Switzerland. This method is much appreciated by actors, singers and teachers.

Feldenkrais method in workshops with Franz Wurm and Barbara Z'graggen in Bern and Zurich.

Many performances in vocal improvisation in the free scene of Zurich (a.o. "Roadworks", "All the world is a Stage" with Theater Hora; Main role in Daniel Fueter's Opera "Schwingbesen") Improvisierte concerts with Kornelia Bruggmann, Ernst Thoma, André
Deponds, Willy Kotoun and Natalia Sidler.
Performance of many compositions by Kit Powell and the creation of new composition based on vocal improvisation by David Thorner
Konzerts in Duo with Natalia Sidler, Colour Grand Piano and Moog Spektrumkonzert ZHdK in 2009 with Ensemble Klingenberg , two singers, bassoon, trumpet, saxophone, moog, prepared piano.

Masterclasses in Vocal and Theatrical Improvisation at the HfH in Zurich.

Workshop ZHdK with chamber music, Improvisation and Sport in Massa Marittima in team teaching with Natalia Sidler.

1996 began teaching at the ZHdK Solo voice for MA Pedagogy, MA Composition, MA Sound Engineering, MA Choral Conducting, Opera class, Italian Diction, Chamber Music and Improvisierte Lieduo for singers and instruments.

2003-2014 Assistant Professor for Solo Voice ZHdK, BA, MA Pedagogy, MA Performance, Specialized MA and MA Opera, Specialized MA Soloist in 30% rotation with the entire class of Prof. Jane Thorner Mengedoht. During this period, there were over 90 diplomas.

2018 MA Liedduo in team teaching with Prof. Christoph Berner.

2015-2018 Lecturer "Stage Practice" for Singers and "Lied/Chanson/Arie/Rezitativ" at the ZHdK Pre College.
1996 began teaching at Winterthur Music Conservatory. Over 30 successful admissions to Music Universities in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and USA.

2015 Lecturer for Solo Voice at Kalaidos University of Music

Long years of successful private voice teaching. Last example, Omer Kobiljak, one of winners of the Migros Kulturprozent Scholarship 2018 and first prize in the "Elvirissima" voice competition in Lucerne. Presently he is a member of the IOS.